American Football Specialists

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American Football Kicking,
Punting and Long Snapping Camps

American Football Specialists is America's premier football kicking and long snapping instruction program.  American Football Specialists provides professional kicking, punting, and long snapping skill training and development opportunities for athletes on the high school, college, and professional level.

American Football Specialists also known as - is American football's premier training program for kickers, punters, and long snappers.  With nearly 30 years of experience and over a million miles traveled - more accomplished coaches travel to more locations in more states to work with - and develop - more players than any other program in American football.  This allows us to search the entire country for top talent and provide college coaches with the most trusted comprehensive listing of top prospects available for recruitment.

American Football Specialists and is the most comprehensive instructional program in American football.  Providing professional training and development opportunities to develop kicking, punting, and long snapping skills for athletes who have a serious desire to excel at all levels of football.
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